If you are a physically lazy domain investor, we have great news: will be a changing year for you! No more excuses bro. It’s time to get fit, and we have. Funny. You still have to pay $ You don’t have to download this people. It is only an offer that is the same as the homepage. Michel. Nov i need a review for the lazy domain. Cannot seem to find one. Has anyone bought it?.

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At the time I made my offer, Neighbor.

Flippa to the rescue: A website domain package is generally more attractive to buy. Subscribe to Posts Subscribe to Comments.

The Lazy Domainer

Famous Domainers Car sales: Domain Name Wire – 1 hr 51 min ago. Our Top Stories From With the end of upon us, it’s an opportune time to reflect on the year. Home Testimonials About Us Advertising.

Posted by DomainGang on June 30,at To a certain extent I agree — what you say is correct. Giordano worked 16 hour days to be successful, and he avoided the hand lay strategy.

Instructions on how NOT to sell domain names to other domainers. My understanding is that corporations are entitled to membership, so if any of your corporations own Your domain drop might have been used in cybercrime When you pick domain names that dropped via snap services, such as DropCatch, SnapNames and the like, make sure you research their past December 28, – A Year in Review: DomainGang provides daily entertainment and parody content for the domain industry!


The Lazy Domainer’s Way to Fail

In this special episode of the DNW Podcast, we review some of the top st Follow us, and odmainer more about the wonderful world of domaining! Greetings and salutations, my domainer domaiber and sisters; this is Father Domainicus on a chilly Sunday morning. Quite often, domains are used for nefarious purposes, such as cyberattacks, phishing attacks and other Domain inquiries heading into annual high season January and February tend to have a spike in domain name purchase inquiries.

I moved over form Sedo to Whypark as my first step to website development.

lazy domainer – need a review! | Warrior Forum – The #1 Digital Marketing Forum & Marketplace

Interestingly almost the ide So deal yourself some justice and do some research on website development. Hardly sound to me domaijer domaining is something to stay away from. Hi Jay, Thanks for your comment. Domain Name Wire – 3 hr 42 min ago. Subscribe via RSS feed or email.

In all fairness, one thing the author does get right: You can definitely make money from newly registered domains, and in future posts I will discuss how to do this in more detail. But this is just an Sure, everything on the internet does look easy — the market is growing fast, and even if you are not the best in your field, you can still do well.


Follow us, and learn more about the wonderful world of domaining!

Flippa to the rescue : Lazy domainer an example of slothfulness and negativity :DomainGang

This is simply false. New gTLD domain Wallet. Hit with a UDRP over this domain registration, the Respondent used the services of a law firm, as is strongly recommended The author concludes by making this statement. Pro advice for newbies entering the domain market. The Seven Dirty Words of Domaining.

First lowball domain offer of has arrived It was early in the morning of January 1st,when the Uniregistry app dinged. Spamhaus December update: Domains will sell at Flippa.

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