This manual. – is valid for frequency inverter KEB COMBIVERT F4-F Lift Version – must be made available to every user. The pictographs used in this. In selecting the KEB COMBIVERT you have chosen a frequency inverter with the This manual describes the control of the standard series. COMBIVERT F4. S. General Installation and Storage Instructions. Cooling Direction. Manuals and User Guides for KEB COMBIVERT F4-F. We have 3 KEB COMBIVERT F4-F manuals available for free PDF download: Applications Manual.

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Hardware Description of hardware, technical data of the inverter as well as connection of power and control terminals. Parameter A list of all parameters classified according to parameter groups. This makes the handling much easier, simplifies the user documentation and improves the safety of operation against unauthorized access see picture 1. B ase; N ew; Chang e ; A ddition Name: Summary Product Description F4-F Summary Product Description 2.

The unit has been developed subject to the relevant safety standards and is manufactured with the highest demands on quality. Chapter Section Page Date Name: These units can be used with one or more braking modules. For more informations cantact KEB. Observe the maximal width of connectors for X4 and X5. A conveyor belt shall be used with 3 different speeds. Inveeter, the drive must not start yet, first the rotation direction reverse has to be selected and unverter with ENTER point disappears.

CP-parameters is done in the User-Definition-Parameters ud. How you can define your own parameters is described in Chapter 6. Dependent on the data from the motor manufacturer, larger tolerances at the torque displays are possible, due to the usual variations in the machine parameters and temperature drifts.

Display “forward” ,5 rpm 0,5 rpm “reverse” ,0 rpm 1 rpm The internal resolution of the speed is 0. In the field weakening range larger tolerances are possible, also see reference on page 4 M f CP. The maximum torque of the drive is limited by the following: The correct setting is: The rated frequency of the connected motor must be adjusted in CP. It allows an easy manual start-up. Following settings are possible: We have already learned about the free-to-define group CP.

In the fixed parameter groups the parameters are combined function-related. Pn 1 automatic retry OP —— 6. AA 11 read graph 2 B —— 6. Display of actual DC-link voltage. Typical values are for normal operation: Switching condition 3 do.

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The slave drive rotates faster than the master drive. When display in increments Pc. When display in rotations Pc. When displayed in increments Pc. When displayed in rotations Pc.

Depending on the analog input or output signal function, offsett and gain can be adjusted. By means of the characteristic amplifier the analog signals can be adapted to the requirements. In addition to that the unit has 4 internal programmable Digital Inputs inputs IA IDwhich are directly linked with the internal outputs. When inverher input has the function Reset, then it is not possible to trip a reset with the control release.

Target position reached Pd. D firmly connected with the inputs A ID Mqnual the switching of the digital outputs you can select up to 8 conditions from the 33 condtions available. If the drive cannot follow the adjusted ramps,then the output switches in dependence on the setpoint value and not the actual value.

Example filter mode 2 Filter time Output signal Input signal 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 Name: If several outputs are set then the sum of the decimal value is indicated.

The AUX-function offers the possibility to add an analog setpoint to other manul settings or to use it as amplification factor for speed controller and torque limits. These parameters represent absolute limit values which in normal operation are not exceeded and which have no effect on the speed characteristic. The setpoint is defined only by the setpoint signal at REF1.

The setpoint speed before the ramp generator is indicated in parameter ru. The adaption does not take place automatically at every switch on, it is done only once at the tripping of Fr. In controlled operation this function provides an optimal limit torque characteristic, if the adjusted value corresponds to the inverter input voltage. At deactivated function the limit characteristic is calculated to inverter nominal voltage. Deceleration of a drive for high-inertia load from 80 Hz kfb with output voltage without output voltage Actual speed Actual speed stabilization stabilization DC-link voltage DC-link voltage Motor voltage Motor voltage Load Load Name: Derating is only permissible for short-time operating to protect the inverter against overheat.

The proportional factor of the position controller is adjusted in CS. A value of 0 deactivates the controller.

The definition of the setpoint position takes place at deactivated controller too. Scan time ms. For that the ther- 6.

Fault is being ignored! Afterwards it is acclerated to the setpoint speed. Thus it is possible to approach 8 different positions ihverter the positioning module. To activate the brake control an external digital output must be assigned with the function Functions do.


The adaption of the release and delay time to the employed brake is done with LE. Delay time Application Release time LE. This parameter contains the time basis for the recording of the parameter values. These parameters serve for the readout of the values recorded in the unit.

To set the setpoint value by way of the motor potentiometer parameter SP. The control is activated via the transistor output do. Temperature switching time The temperature switching time defines the cycle time for the output. This time can LE.

KEB COMBIVERT F4-F Applications Manual

Power Supply of Encoder. Functional Description Encoder Interface 6. Interface Channel 1 Fig. Only when the inverter is switched off and the voltage supply is disconnected may the plug be pulled out or plugged in! The zero kev is needed for the reference point approach in the positioning module. Zero track also reference marking channel gives out 1 signal per revolution. Inverer incremental encoders with rectangular signals the adjustment must be dr.

Functional Description Sychronous Control Name: The second possibility to start the correction offers Sn. Brought in position at reference switch Reference switch cleared, drive X2. Controller and Drive Profile.

Functional Description Positioning Module Name: The position setting manuual based on the parameter set programming, Module at that one position can be deposited in each parameter set. The difference between two successive positions may not exceed half of the setting range.

Keb COMBIVERT F4-F Manuals

The parameters for the precontrol profile Pd. As shown in Fig. Inv 1 ru01 Istdrehzah CH A: Starting command for positioning defined di. D1 Free-to-program parameter Fr – Parameter Fr. Terminal strip binary-coded Name: Pd08 Position setting sign 0: The conversion of decimal numbers into hexadecimal numbers can be done with a suitable calculator.

Computers with Windows operating system already provide such a calculator. Ink x Pd. The corresponding CP- parameter is not represented at this setting.

CP-parameter, whose value shall be displayed at the start. If this parameter does not exist, then CP.