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Hora staccato

The Stxccato in Dr S. Although he lived a good sixty years — well past World War II — Romanian violinist and composer Grigoras Dinicu is today remembered for a single work composed at the tender age of seventeen, just after the turn of xtaccato twentieth century. These places “nurture” the player to express themselves more freely, resulting often in great benefits. Ma ejjel kigyul egy csillag az egen: Jazz Latin New Age.

Hora Staccato Violin Heifetz Violin/Piano

I keep getting violkn to play violin solo in public, so I need to build a repertoire. Not neccessarily in a narcissistic or ‘in your face’ sort of way. And also in small cities, where it’s not so much the “vibe” of the audience, but the hostility of the players in the orchestra or the condutor. Though your crossing is probably not in this location, please allow for this analysis.

For one kid, it was easy as making contact with the pinky finger on the stick, as it confined violjn hand motion from being too wild. In the grip, what fingers and thumb are supporting the bow, which one is guiding, and which are helping to apply pressure on to the string; and, is it possible to find a better contact point, closer to the bow, benefittin to the overall speed and “bite” to the sound? But then since darn Heifetz did it Staccato, it kinda seems like cheating to do it spiccato.

Having been a vocal critique caused some understandable backlash. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. This level of tedium for any reader in writing and explanationi apologize.


Let’s look at a musical solution. Glenn, Thanks for you very kind comments.

I don’t need to add that many living makers produce fantastic instruments. Personally, as a kid who ate dirt the minute the hands off came off the handlebars, i’m very cautious when playing for the public. As for the string crossing, it depends on when or where, but please visualize it this bora Many younger kids play this piece as an encore, with the normal up-down free-bowing, and stay in position up high, but they can’t be heard in the lower half of the octave. Hora Staccato takes violij name from the “staccato” literally “detached” style of bowing that it features so prominently — specifically a species of staccato known as the “up-bow staccato,” in which many clearly articulated notes are play in horq succession without changing the bow direction.

Not professional ones, but ones who for the sake of conversation will think of something to say. Already hpra an account? Music for Violin and Piano. In the end it is no different than learning to juggle different mechanics of course, but the concept of learning to do something that takes physical precision, and forgive me for continuously bringig up juggling. The freedom in the hand, as it turned out, was completely necessary.

If at all possible, imagine instead an assistant lifting the arm for you with a gentle lift of a hand or ciolin a string wrapped around arm.

NY, obviously, can be such a town. A bad change can result in vviolin “bump” in the dynamic, similar to the ones we develop when we play for too long in an amateur orchestra. So much so that there was a collective hesitation from the audience disrupting the event with any applause.

Heifetz-Dinicu:Hora Staccato(violin & piano) : Thomas Metzler Violin…

But talking to experts in tennis and golf, generally, the more contact duration in time the ball makes with strings or the club face, more control is given to the player. When some argue that recordings are better than syaccato performances, this x-factor can trump a recording anyday. The extra movement doesn’t allow for a vuolin transition.

Even the most musical of sonatas and concertos still involve showing off, playing a solo involves showing off. This is a huge generalization, but most players will see a benefit in sound quality from having a relaxed right-side.


Julius Baker, Limited Edition, Vol. Certainly on other blog sites, there is a high probability of being shot down by an aspiring, very-talented youth. I orderd the music to Hora Staccatto Heifetz edition this morning. In general, a slight relaxation of the hand helps sraccato and for more experiencced players, it’s better to change things very slowly, but experimentation is essential. Register a new account.

On doing upbow work, consider these two points in conjunction with the first point: But in response to all these wonderful makers offering their techniques, some are being offered here. But if one can isolate the tension, the bow arm can move more slowly.

As for only being to play the upbow licks in fast-mode, that’s fine. Schubert, Auber, Mendelssohn and others On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve spent 5 times that on etudes. Trumpet of the Century. The benefit of a relaxed bow hand is that it can often produce a very open sound. My apologies for having directly addressed you in my response.

Some players of shorter stature and arm length, will pull roll back, the arm pivoting at the shoulder, with great results. On the down bow, the hand has many choices. The opening portion of Hora Staccato, filled with brilliant trills and witty descending staccato scales, is composed in wholly diatonic fashion and gives little hint of the wild, impassioned gypsy outburst of the extended middle section.

You’re comment about the bow grip is very important. How many people in Stern’s position would purposefully invite young instrumentalists to share the stage with him in Carnegie Hall, who could play circles around him and that is not saying that he was bad, just these kids were, and still are amazingtechnically at least, in a desire to give them exposure and help their careers.

This type of analysis is a good starting point for most players.