Everett Ruess—a bold teenage adventurer, artist, and writer—tramped around the Sierra Nevada, the California coast, and the desert wilderness of the. Buy Everett Ruess: A Vagabond for Beauty Reprint by W.L. Rusho (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Everett Ruess – A Vagabond for Beauty, a treat for lovers of adventure, beauty, art and writing, sees the life of Everett Ruess from the age of

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Gifted, bright, and almost painfully sensitive, he writes letters home that are sweetly poignant, thoughtful, opinionated, and rapturously descriptive of the natural environment he loves.

Trivia About Everett Ruess: Fascinating and compelling, yes; heartbreaking, often; hair-raising sometimes; exasperating, occasionally. The author only fills in gaps where necessary. IT means such happiness that we literally seem to stand outside of ourselves in exaltation.

Aug 14, Ranee rated it it was amazing.

Everett Ruess: A Vagabond for Beauty & Wilderness Journals by W.L. Rusho

It is not beautiful for a man to sacrifice himself for his child and thus spoil his child. He expresses and deep love and passion for adventure and nature that strikes deep to the heart.

It is mostly comprised of diary entries and they are interesting, but many are very, very similar. I did have one major serious criticism of this book. Cagabond was driven by some kind of spiritual pursuit deeper than I can even comprehend. I found a reference to it while reading Krakauer’s Into the Wild. You and I are like the right hand or the right eye or the big toe-we are grotesque when living apart.


Everett Ruess: A Vagabond for Beauty & Wilderness Journals

In Novemberthe twenty year-old Ruess left Escalante Through this combined volume of letters and personal journal entries, the last few years of Everett Ruess’s life http: Just as an example I found this link about Pitkins book for anyone that may be interested. Rusho Limited vagabomd – Jun 08, Vicky rated it really liked it.

If the American Indians had merely had a better immigration policy you’d still be in Wales or Germany. My new copy evertet to pieces while I was reading it.

Since the original search party from nearby Escalante was made up of men who spent their entire lives in the region, it is unlikely that he fell off a cliff or died of snake bite, as they would have most certainly found the body. There is also something quite Zen-like about Ruess and his insistence of appreciating the beauty of life.

At one moment he is excoriating all those who labor for a living, and literally in the next paragraph is begging for his family to send him money and supplies.

Everett Ruess: A Vagabond for Beauty

Parents who do not practice give and take, fairness, in this relation make pigs and tyrants out of their children. It doesn’t just belong to one guy with a backpack, or especially one guy with an ATV.

His search for ultimate evwrett and adventure is chronicl Everett Ruess—a bold teenage adventurer, artist, and writer—tramped around the Sierra Nevada, the California coast, and the desert wilderness of the Southwest between and A lover of classical music, a reader of books, poet, writer, water colorist, and block print maker, he considers himself very much a misfit in a world of conformity, where people live lives of quiet desperation, pursuing material goals that make them unhappy and unfulfilled.


Pleasure is perhaps the wrong word-joy or ecstacy may be better.

Everett Ruess: A Vagabond for Beauty by W.L. Rusho

Are pain and pleasure equally desirable and necessary? Reading Everett’s letters puts you right back beaut the restless questioning that we often face around age Add this book to your essential desert rat book collection This was the one major detraction in the book. More likely, I believe, is the notion that he got across the Colorado, and perhaps died of an accident somewhere in the endless wastes surrounding Glen Canyon.

Everett Ruess began his If forced to use one word on this book fascinating comes to mind. This was a good book in that it allows you to draw your own conclusions about Everett Ruess, who left home at the age of 16 to wander, explore, and seek inspiration evwrett the south-west desert.

I see magic in it.

It’s also a book that’s very hard to put down. Dec 31, Juliana rated it it was amazing. NO one need seek pain, he will get plenty without searching. Great lovers have a happiness higher than our ordinary happiness.