A biography of Edgar Allan Poe becomes at once an exercise in discrimination. Around his name has accumulated a mass of rumor, conjecture, psycho-analysis . Edgar Allan Poe has 83 ratings and 16 reviews. Anastacia said: I don’t write many reviews, as I don’t write them well. I find it difficult to describe ho. Based on exhaustive research in the Poe family archive, Quinn extracts the life from the legend and describes how they both were distorted by early biographies .

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It’ll be a short time before I need to get my hands on another biography of Poe so I can read more of those. Biographer Quinn afthur years studying the man, went to great lengths to acquire even the most seemingly inane artifacts accounting ledgers xllan Poe’s stint at West Pointand leaves no detail unrevealed in his quest to cut to the heart of his subject. Jul 05, Sharon Buxton rated it it was ok.

Edgar Allan Poe: A Critical Biography

I started this book six months ago and hope I never finish it. It’s a shame, because so many readers myself included will grow impatient and will shelve the book out of complete boredom. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Rosenheim is an associate professor of English at Williams College. It’s also a lesson to all of us that words and insults are powerful and the wounds they cause may never heal. I read this by accident; reading on I don’t write many reviews, as I don’t write them well.

Edgar Allan Poe

Yobson realized immediately that I had fallen in “book love” and gave me a paperback copy of some of her favorites. He only reached his truest fame posthumously.


The book seamlessly combines a chronological account of Poe’s personal and professional life with tidbits of letters, photos, and personal correspondence that reveal the fragile, sensitive, self-possessed, bitter, tender, biovraphy, artistic genius that Poe was. What’s remembered of him is sadly tinged with baseless slander, and that’s a damn shame because there is so much more to him than I would have ever known had I not read this book. Hope he is now resting in peace.

He is the author of The Cryptographic Imagination: Only after reading the story several times through did I understand she had a sense of humor. Rosenheim is an associate professor of English at Williams College.

Gerafounder rated it it was ok May 21, How does one explain that to a stranger on the train without first highlighting Poe’s extremely complicated relationship with his foster family who biogeaphy him after both of his parents died?

About Arthur Hobson Quinn. I am obsessed with EAP and love learning more and more about him, but this book has almost too much information. Wolf rated it really liked it May 30, They were married and loved each other, but were not “in love” in a romantic sense of the word, according to my interpretation of Quinn’s analysis.

Edgar Allan Poe, a critical biography / by Arthur Hobson Quinn – Details – Trove

If it weren’t for his ruminative thoughts and his anger we never would have experienced his writings. In my mind, it is a stunning offering of judiciousness and integrity in a sea of cheap recitation of supposed scandal and ill-repute. Now must read his poetry. Aug 08, the book witch rated it really liked it.


It’s not for everyone, but it’s truly amazing in its humanness. Unfortunately the same can be said of Poe’s own end, no zing intended. He is the author of The Cryptographic Imagination: Extraordinarily well researched and comprehensive, this ‘s biography of Edgar Allan Poe dismisses effectively many of the misconceptions about Qulnn and his life. Availability Ecgar Usually ships business days after receipt of order. With all that said, I definitely recommend this biography for anyone who wants a thorough depiction of Poet’s life.

I want something new; I need instant literary gratification. Account Options Sign in.

Edgar Allan Poe

Good read, not sure I believe every aspect of this book, again a historical biography. Poe is my favorite poet and author. There is such a thing as too many crktical, and here Quinn fails. It is certainly true that Quinn spends an awful lot of time on tedious details, the most unfortunate of which is the book’s own beginning.

In his mind, Poe was a wonderful person who aethur world destroyed with its hateful, unfair ways. Good but dry bio of Poe. I don’t see him trying to prove the rumors false because of arthut idolatry, I see this as the work of a true scholarly historian: Against this tide of fancy, guesses, and amateur psychologizing, Arthur Hobson Quinn’s biography devotes itself meticulously to facts.