3 ½ Digit LCD Digital Panel Meter. PM / P Lux Meter. dB. Meter. LCR Meter. Watt Meter. Other industrial & dom estic uses PMA (Independent Pow. LED Digital Panel Meter – 9V Independent Ground Features: mV full scale input sensitivity Single DC operation Decimal point selectable ” figure height . Superior Customer Service. Circuit Specialists strives to provide the highest level of customer service. Our knowledgeable tech support staff will try to help you in.

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PMA led panel meter problem.

LED Digital Panel Meter – 9V Independent Ground

It is showing at the first digit a “-1” and the other digits do not light at all, accept the decimal point. The meter is set up for mV metrr measurement. After connecting the V- of the input channel to the gnd of the power suplly this ppm129a was showing up. No input is red any more. Afterwarts reading the manual I discouvered that the meter should have a independent powersupply.:???: It is not clear in the manual if i only can read independent inputs or that i must read indepent inputs.

Are my strongest fears becumming true?:???: Did meetr blow up the fets of the input and is the CPL chip blown up, or is there some thing else wrong?: PMA led panel meter problem It clearly says that this is a single 9 Volts supply version of the meter. Means it needs separate 9 Volts supply to operate the meter and the you can measure the input.

Did you read the manual before connecting it? Now make panfl that when you connect the 9 volts supply does the meter display -1 and stays on with other digits blank? After your response further guidance may continued. PMA led panel meter problem Pane I have red the manual before, but it digitwl not clear that it was not possible to connect the input to the gnd of the power supply. Connecting it with a 9 Volt battery and the meter displays again -1 and oanel ohter digits stay blank.


PMA led panel meter problem This shows over ranged input the -1which will cause the other digits to stay blank. It may have spoiled the input circuit. If you can check the circuit, then try to locate the circuit on PIN numbers 30 and See if there is any resistance divider or any other circuit apparently look bad.

And if you have some experience on Diagram reading and ,eter I can send you the circuit duly marked for check points. PMA led panel meter problem Great! I can read diagrams. So if you point out where the problem is, then it will help me to clearify the problem.

PMA led panel meter problem Ok here is a reference circuit for you. Pin 30 measures 0V. When give a reverse input, pin 30 measures 92 mV and pin 31 0 V.

What can you conclude? While you connect 92 mV or so on input circuit, can you measure voltage on Pin It must read minus voltage estimated -5 V and if this is true then I am afraid that is gone defective.

Voltcraft PM LED Digital Panel Meter | Rapid Online

If you short circuit the input terminals going to pin 30 and pin 31 the reading must be zero and if this does not go to zero it meas there is some internal fault developed in Originally Posted by Raza. PMA led panel meter problem OK but better to be sure that eigital is no culprit on the existing digtal which may cause any problem for the new chip. I tried a lot to get the circuit for PM but sorry no reference found.


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