Don’t set body and html height to % in stylesheet if you are using cover pages . Set it to 99% instead. Formatting header. You can format bold texts by. Note: Make sure that style sheet is available on a server and provide absolute URL reference. Edit long Confluence pages by parts with InPlace Editor. Note that space stylesheets override the global stylesheet and the changes made in.

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Now i created a DIV-Container inkl. Sorry, stylesheet noticed that you’re talking about On Demand – you won’t be able to do any of that stuff. With RefinedTheme, we want to provide a product that is versatile and caters to a lot of our customers’ needs, where you do not have to be a developer or have CSS skills to make it look the way you want it to.

Creating a Stylesheet Fonfluence To create a stylesheet theme, you need to first create your custom stylesheet for Confluence. If your requirements goes beyond this we would be happy to direct you to one of our consulting partners to help you out further.

You should only use this option if you cannot achieve the desired results via the global stylesheet. Your theme will work either way. Get the identifier for the element When you have the selector for the element, add the CSS-property you want to change. This will wrap up the atlassian-plugin. Ask your Confluence administrator for more information.

Creating a Stylesheet Theme

There are quite a few pages in the browse-space-section, like drafts, labels, page hierarchy, and so on. In order to get you started, we have compiled this introduction, a basic styling tutorial and a more advanced tutorial.

If you are not familiar with CSS, the w3schools page has an accessible introduction. But sometimes there are requirements that goes beyond this. One thing that we’re a Unfortunately a can’t find the info anymore if i am not even wrong at all. Harley Flanagan Jul 04, Since this theme was developed as a quick stylesheet demonstration for Confluence, it only has limited browser support.


Follow the examples in the Basic Styling Tutorial to get started. I solved my question above with Javascript in the html head section. Related content No related content found. As creating custom CSS has potentially limitless possibilities, Atlassian will not support issues that are caused by or related to CSS customization. It’s not the same without you Join the community to find out what other Atlassian users are discussing, debating and creating.

Each page needs to scale. An easier way would be to add the html macro to your page and then you can put in some CSS only for that page. You can do this using many CSS editing tools. Future versions of Confluence may not be compatible with your custom CSS — this may cause your CSS to break, requiring maintenance when Confluence is upgraded.

This function is turned off by default. But of course this picture shows up on every wiki-page now when i don’t have something unique to connect with. This is to ensure changes to CSS do not prevent administrators from accessing Admin functions in future.

Your style has to work everywhere, not just in the first page you happen to be looking at. It is important to test each change that you make and ensure it works as expected in all areas of Confluence — for example, on the Confluence dashboard as well as on regular pages. Any CSS styling applied to your site will not be applied to the Administration console. Future versions of Confluence may not be compatible with your custom CSS — this may cause your CSS to break, requiring maintenance when Confluence is upgraded.

If you are using an unsupported browser or browser version, some features may not work correctly. With this feature enabled, space administrators could upload styles that steal other users’ login credentials, trick their browsers into performing actions on the wiki without their knowledge, or even obtain global administration privileges. The simpler the UI, the easier it may be for them to use. Unfortunately there are no AUG chapters near you at the moment.


Creating a Stylesheet Theme

Try resizing each page that exists in Confluence. So here’s the humble question: The new CSS will be visible across all spaces, provided they do not define their own custom stylesheet and are not using a theme.

Once you have a stylesheet and optionally images ready, this guide will show you how to package styllesheet your stylesheet for use in Confluence as a theme. Please ensure that you are using one of the web browsers supported by Confluence. If you cannot see your result, your element selector might be targeted incorrectly, or it may be overridden by other property settings.

For this example it will look something like this:. Target the element Use the element-picker in the inspector tool to locate the element you want to change.

Hi, just for people that might search for the same question. This can help you to roll out Confluence to users that may not be very Wiki-savvy yet.

Let’s get our hands dirty with some CSS tweaks

Each theme plugin needs a plugin descriptor file, called atlassian-plugin. Sign up for free Log in. You can also use the HTML-module on a portal level, this will only affect the portal that it is placed on though. Be aware of any plans to upgrade stylssheet Confluence instance. Confluence administrators should only enable custom CSS if they are comfortable with the risks listed in this paragraph.