PMP Sample Test Questions. (correct answers are bolded). 1. An accepted deadline for a project approaches. However, the project manager realizes only 75%. [Updated ] List Of Free Mock PMP Exam Questions W/w [For The CertChamp CAPM 5th Edition Exam Kit. . Book File Type: PDF;. 5th Edi Book file PDF. file 5th Edition Pmp Pmbok Practice Exam W Solutions Project Risk Comprehensive Exam Questions And Detailed Explanations That Will Ensure Your Success At The. PMP CertChamp: Certification Champion On PMP, CAPM, SCJP. . General Psychology File Type Pdf; Grade.

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The team wants to make this shift in approach as they believe this would lead to better quality of deliverables – what is the best course of action? People are motivated by achievementpower and affiliation D. While the sponsor questikns aid in identifying key stakeholders – the key area a sponsor plays a part is in providing funding. Used to determine if results conform to requirements C.

A contract is legally binding in natureits an agreement of seller providing some service or product and buyer compensating the seller.

In a review meeting – your lead architect sensing the urgency – suggests a change that could significantly decrease the schedule. Seller has no motivation to control cost and infact viletype could spiral D.

A duration less than days C. Question – 1 You have just completed developing the Schedule Network Diagram for a project that deals with building super sonic state of the art Jet planes.

Option C is correct. What strategy did you just apply? This is a form of information gathering technique where questlons from experts is solicited anonymously without gathering them together. Work has started – but suddenly due to inclement weather plinth work has got delayed. She indicates this could possibly occur in two months from now.

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Where would you store this information in? You notice one of the team members comes in late crrtchamp office and leaves early. Use Bottom Up Estimating D.

Shows the pattern of relationship between two variables A is the correct answer. This means that if the ladder is used for any duration equal or greater than days it is economical to purchase rather than lease – so in other words to lease the duration should be equal to or less than days filettpe so option A is the right answer Question – 95 In which of the following situation network diagram is better than bar chart?

The project is behind schedule and you have been specifically brought in to ensure the project meets its schedule. Show trends in a process over time D. You have decided that you would report against the baselines for scopecost and schedule. Legal Binding Contract B. Employees are only interested in self benefits and money.

Pricing objectives in marketing pdf

Refuse the change C. Question – 52 You are in cerchamp third questjons of project execution which is expected to continue for a duration of 14 calendar months. Being an experienced manager you know that communication is key to success of the project. This question tests your knowledge about contracts and procurement. Option A and C are just plain wrong – you should always ensure actvities on the critical path do not get delayed – so having the best equipped staff on critical path activities is important.

Option B is to be used if future work is going to be performed at the planned rate.

Free PMP Sample Questions , PMP Pass Guarantee

Cost and Schedule C is the correct fileype. Any other form of communication related to contracts is not acceptable. Ensuring deliverables meet contract requirements and formal acceptance are key activities of project closure. Note that this is a positive risk. You break up the work into discrete workpackages. Question – 68 You have asked your team members to provide estimates of tasks.


You might be tempted to jump in and start work immediately – but the first thing that should be done is to update the impacted baselines.

CertChamp : Certification Champion on PMP, CAPM, SCJP, SCWCD, OCA

Identify the impact of the change to the scope and cost and then include this information in the change request D is the correct answer. Breaking down deliverables into smaller work packages so they can be better planned D.

Question – Filety;e are managing a project and to ensure things run smoothly – you have decided to provide project information periodically to all the stakeholders. Activity Network diagrams are used for scheduling while Process decision program charts are used to aniticipate intermediate steps.

Things have been going to plan and there have been no variances till date with respect to the work performance baselines.

The key benefits of Control Stakeholder Engagement process is that it will maintain or increase the efficiency and effectiveness of stakeholder engagement activities as the project evolves and environment changes. You also notice considerable floats on the other paths. He argues that this filetyoe improve performance and hence this activity should be introduced in the questioons prior to the other activities that deal with database interaction.

Project Schedule Network Diagram D. Critical Path has duration less than the non critical paths. Hygiene factors will ensure that job dissatisfaction not occur – however it does not ensure job satisfaction D.