AUMA worm gearboxes meet or exceed the lifetime requirements of EN Lifetime for motor operation in accord- ance with AUMA load profil. Duty class. Consult AUMA’s entire AUMA actuators and valve gearboxes catalogue on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/ Search in AUMA catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the Combinations consisting of multi-turn actuators SA and part-turn gearboxes.

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These are essential factors for sizing the valve, but also for actuator and gearbox as the load may vary considerably depending on the operation mode. GS5, 8, VZ: Depending on the application, additional corrosion protective measures may be required. In order to protect the motor against overheating, thermoswitches are embedded in the windings of three phase, single phase AC motors and DC motors.

Parker Catallogue Actuator Catalogue Documents. Auma India has state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Bangalore.

Reliability does not begin during commissioning. The switch sub-assembly consisting of 2 or 4 cam switches is mounted on output shaft of RGU.

Case study. Automation of Auma document flow

Valve end position The end position symbols indicate that an end position has been reached. SAR actuators differ from SA actuators in several respects: Features Permanently lubricated self-locking gear train eliminates the need for motor brakes.

The required capacitor is fitted in the terminal compartment cover. Valves and fittings for gas 7. Ball valve C valve ball completely moulded in place, extremely low clearance volume, high k v value Advantage maximum safety due to valve ball completely moulded in place – ball and ball seat cannot be.

The handwheels are available with various diameters. Multi-turn actuators sa Explosion protection For the installation of valve gearboxes in potentially explosive atmospheres, special protective measures are required. Telecom and mobile communications. It can be used as the basis to determine whether a device is suitable for the chosen application. Signal converter for sensor SE: A key element is the GS part-turn gearbox type range that can be adapted to various valve requirements.


This drastically increases productivity of a sales manager working with an extensive line of products with various options and types. Differential pressure sensor, suitable for gases and liquids, for the measurement of positive.

AUMA gearboxes work reliably in all climate zones worldwide and under extreme local conditions.

The GS gearboxes are therefore approved for the installation in potentially explosive atmospheres in accordance with ATEX. The illustrated plant shows how the position of the weir penstock is controlled.

Auma India offers customized actuation solutions for diverse applications in various industries to automate flow control devices, on account of: Self locking gearing does not ensure safe stopping after an operation. Vatalogue limit switching has four counter gears and four egarbox switches.

Valve position Via the pointer position you may estimate the valve position. Differential Pressure Sensor 1 P01 Differential Pressure Sensor for neutral and mildly corrosive liquids and gases QBEDP4 Differential pressure sensor, suitable for gases or liquids, for the measurement of positive or negative More information. Changing the swing angle Only if the swing angle set in the factory is not correct and has to aima adjusted, have the two end positions to be set separately.

The high demands on availability and ease of maintenance can only be met by a sophisticated design. The cafalogue combinations provide torques up toNm.

Actuator Catalogue for auma

Product Brochure Service and repair Radicon service engineers are ready and waiting 24 hours a day, cataloguw a year, to provide the following services anytime, anywhere in the world. This aums a web application built on. F40 F48 F60 Torque Actuator Data Sheet I agree to the terms and privacy policy.

Electric multi-turn actuators by AUMA India are used for the automation of all types of industrial valves and dampers. Logrus presents audio tour guides to the state museum of oriental art. A long lifetime with very low maintenance, even under high loads, are the benefits of this sophisticated gearbox range.


They are suitable for both manually operated and motor driven valves. KS AUMA recommends this corrosion protection class for installation in occasionally or permanently aggressive aums with a moderate pollutant concentration. Auma India has a number of service centers and service representatives across India to ensure prompt after-sales service. This allows torque switch to be released.

Inching and non-inching in local mode by dip switches Inching and non-inching in remote mode by dip switches Limit switch seating or torque seating by dip switches Different versions of catallgue and optional features make the actuator controls adaptable to any field situation.

However, if two additional intermediate switching positions are desired, Four train counter gear is required.


The manual drive is engaged by means of a lever. A housing made of spheroidal cast iron can be used if it is likely to be exposed to extreme external loads, e. Company Factsheet Nature of Business Manufacturer. While selecting Auma actuators for regulating duty applications, following points should be noted: The frequency of operation of valves can span between a few minutes to several months. The design of the valve. Output Speeds Switch CompartmentWith large range of available output speeds, almost every required time can be achieved with Auma actuators.

To create a proposal, the sales manager has to scour thick reference books to find information about available equipment options and pricing, so the initial creation of a proposal takes a lot of time, not to mention changes that have to be made when the client catqlogue project specifications or modifies request.