Español: La personalidad de un arte singular. San Julián de los Prados (s. IX), extramuros de la capital de un reino. Date, May ARTE PRERROMÁNICO arte prerrománico asturiano tiene su lugar en la extensión que tuvo la monarquía asturiana en las pri. Muy cerca de El prerrománico asturiano de Oviedo coinciden dos de los monumentos más representativos del arte prerrománico asturiano.

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Chiesa di Santa Maria del Naranco

Buscador del portal Buscar. Tipo Patrimonio de la Humanidad de Asturias.

Historia de Asturias, curiosidades y tradiciones asturianas Mercados y ferias Patrimonio religioso de Asturias. Holy Chamber Of the original buildings that were located in the place where the cathedral stands today, only the Holy Chamber remains.


Church of San Prrerromanico de Lillo The building we see today corresponds to about a third of the original building. Church of Santiago Gobiendes 10th-century Pre-Romanesque church, partially rebuilt in the 19th century.

Museos y Espacios Culturales.

File:Arte prerrománico asturiano.jpg

Sueve Range Interpretation Centre A magical spot in the beautiful coastal Sueve Range where native vegetation coexists alongside the wild boar, fallow deer, roe deer and badgers that also inhabit this area. Fortuna Pit Interpretation Centre Tailings, mine entrances and pithead gear are the stars of this journey enabling visitors to discover the mining remains of an area profoundly affected by this activity. Gamonedo Cheese Interpretation Centre A centre that recreates the process of making Gamonedo cheese via panels and audio-visual media.

Sea Stories Reception Centre Spectacular beaches, cliffs, islets and rocks which make up a suggestive landscape that has been preserved intact to this day.

Alejandro Casona Visitor Reception Centre. A centre devoted to the great dramatist, poet and writer Alejandro Casona, a member of the Generation of ‘ Entrefoces Rock Shelter A deep limestone gorge. Fresnedo Rock Shelters Probably the schematic rock art station with the richest and most complex depictions in Asturias.


Arquitectura Prerrománica Asturiana

Covaciella Cave Cave paintings of bison, horses, deer El Buxu Cave Its works of rock art have made it famous worldwide. La Lluera Cave Considered by experts to be the most complete exterior sanctuary of Paleolithic art in Europe.

Chapel of San Roque Llanes Chapel dating from the 16th century. Convent of San Francisco Originally built in the late 13th century, it only preserves the convent church, now the parish church of San Pedro.