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El reloj marcaba las 5: Con anterioridad, a la 1: Y le dijo Abraham de nuevo: Y venimos y clamamos al que consuela nuestras almas. Por eso ya vengo a decirle: En su plegaria al Creador, dijo: Grande es nomvre nombre, Oh Dios: Y es que eran dos los motivos: The time was 5: Just as he had anticipated on Friday the 23rd of October, returning to pay his gratitude to the Lord for having sex the Brethren of the coasts of Nayarit, Colima and Jalisco from destruction.

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Man says it was luck —in an astonishing way for everyone, hurricane Patricia fell to a category 2 hurricane when it touched Mexican Soil. Man will say that it was coincidence, but you and I know that there was someone who heard our voice and our prayer. He recalled the time when God saw the wickedness of Sodom and Gomorrah and was determined to destroy those cities.

If there were in that city 50 just men, will you not free them from this ill?

And still, Abraham continued to plead: In this comparison, the Apostle of Jesus Christ expressed the Following: Lord, will you destroy alagado righteous with the wicked? And we come, and we plead to the one who comforts our souls. Alabaddo sung the hymn and having been comforted by the Lord, the Servant of God invited the Church gathered to reflection the following: What parent, when a child demands something from, gives him a snake?


If we, being men, know how to give good gifts. Today, we went to the only living God, to the one that is forever merciful, to whom we cry, and he answered us.

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I know that the night burned out your throat, but no matter, much greater was the work that He God did. Our brothers are in full health and are safe. With tears running down his cheeks and a profound spiritual sentiment, the Apostle of Jesus Christ raised his prayer of gratitude to the one who had strengthened him and who had him as faithful to put him in the ministry.

To recognize that you, and only you, are great. Great is thy name, O God, you did this wonder! Today, Lord, we come to tell you that great is your name and worthy of praise, worship, and adoration, because you are powerful, grand, merciful, and you have protected your children.

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Today the world trembled; the world frightened; and the world recognized that before you it is nothing. But your children gave you the glory and they took shelter in your arms, and you liberated them. Liveth Jehovah, and blessed be our rock.

Rock that protects us, rock that takes care of us. You, the only living God; in the love of your beloved son Jesus Christ. I invite you to bring a kilo of rice, a kilo of alabaco, bottled water, canned food, for that in these three to five days that will be the most difficult, they noombre abundance aabado in need of nothing.

In that way, they would supply the needs of the brothers affected. He commented to the Church that after the evaluation of the damages incurred, the designated ministries will report what family was left homeless, unfurnished or left with no household goods… then, the Church will be invited to participate once more in a blessing in the name of the Lord.


After all, today it is them, but tomorrow it could be us. Praised be our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us not forget that today has shown that he continuous to be with his Sez, with his Servant, and the Church of the Living God continuous on in the name of Jesus Christ.

The Church, in unison, sang hymn which reads: Master, the storm has passed, and the wind roars no more; and on the crystal waters the sun shines now. Master, prolong this calm, do not leave me more; I will cross the abyss with you, enjoying blessed peace.

While the Choir of the Beautiful Province, with its impeccable white uniforms, sang the previously quoted hymn, the Apostle of the Lord stopped for a moment in the atrium, where he symbolically reached to his Children in faith with a loving embrace and gave them a kiss of love. On leaving the temple, accompanied by some ministers, the Brothers and Sisters rejoiced in contemplating him. For this rejoice there were two reasons: First, for being the witnesses of the miraculous answer to the Apostles Prayer from the Almighty Creator, who, delivered his Children from destruction and materialistic death.

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