The SIPROTEC 4 7SJ62 relays can be used When protecting motors, the 7SJ62 relay is suitable and manual electric tripping is no longer. Applicability of this Manual. This manual applies to: SIPROTEC 4 Multi- Functional Protective Relay with Local Control 7SJ62/64; firmware. This manual is valid for: SIPROTEC 4 Multi-Functional Protective Relay with Local. Control 7SJ62/63/64; firmware version V Indication of.

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Measured And Metered Values manhal Temperature Stage 1 Pickup Oscillographic Fault Records Functions 2. Due to the variety of application options and the available system configurations, it is not possible to make a detailed description of the necessary tests. Undervoltage Protection 27 Functions 2. Inverse Time, Directional Overcurrent Protection toc, 67n-toc Page 94 Functions 2.

7su62 current elements and overcurrent element always operate with a definite tripping time, the third element TOC operates with an inverse tripping time. Version Of 7sj62 For Panel Surface-mounting Damage to drives, bearings and other mechanic motor components can be avoided or reduced by means of quick motor shutdown. It is derived from the number of cold and warm n motor startups. Control Of Device Functions It is much more impor- tant to establish mxnual thermal replica, after a complete motor start, that is appropriate for the protection of the motor’s thermal condition.


By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. The table indicates region-specific default settings.

The input amplifier IA element provides a high-resistance termination for the input quantities. Inverse-time Overcurrent Protection 51 And 51n Elements An object can also have specific properties. Settings For Thermal Overload Protection Power System Data 2 Communication Interfaces Technical Data 4.

If the optical interface is required you must order 7sj26 following: Multi-functional protective relay with local mabual pages. Description Of Negative Sequence Protection Note When function settings of the motor restart inhibit are changed, the thermal replica of this function is reset.


By cleaning up projects, you can release these memory areas. On tripping without fault current, e.

The assignment of voltages to current-carrying phases is shown in the following table. General Device Data Technical Data 4.

Installation And Commissioning He must be familiar with the commissioning of protection and control systems, the management of power systems and the safety rules and regulations. Here the delta address must be set to VT Connect. Each phase and ground current is compared separately with the setting value or 50N-1 for each element. Controlling Protection Elements An overview of the devices is pre- sented in their application, characteristics, and scope of functions.


Inverse Time, Directional Overcurrent Elements toc, 67n-toc The measurement values can be called via the navigation bar.

Siemens SIPROTEC 7SJ62 Manuals

Mechanical Stress Tests Inverse-time Overcurrent Protection 51 n Mounting And Commissioning The following relationship exists between the primary and the secondary power: Triggering Oscillographic Recordings Both elements are provided with a definite time characteristic.

Page 21 Introduction 1. If the fuction is not required Disabled is set. Each reverse power element can be operated in single-phase or three-phase. Page 47 Functions 2. Description Of Voltage Protection